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We are offering a valuable and genuine GPS device service for all existing and new users, and maintaining a good relationship with our clients as well. We consider your privacy concern on a serious note. This privacy policy states how we use, develop, save, and share the data which is provided by the client on the website at the time of enrolling with us.

By registering and visiting, downloading, accessing, or using 3rd party links and services, you are permitting collecting, storing, utilizing, transferring, and processing of data given by you. In case, if you have any objection to this privacy policy, then please do not use the website. We are including our whole working infrastructure, and working from servers. The data or information only provided by us.

DATA Collection

This kind of data is gathered to make your next visit to our site more and more helpful. We don't request for any kind of personal information until you register with us or make any purchase for our official website.

Data Used

The individual data gave by you will be utilized in the following situation:

Information Disclosure

Children’s Privacy

Our site is secure for all age group individuals, even youngsters, children, and babies. Our Privacy Policy describes how we collect and use the information you provide on our Site. We may process some information regarding your use of our products, including but not limited to the performance of any security or other device monitored by us. When using our products, you or your Authorized Provider can provide us with some additional information such as unit description, or business system configuration, sensor names, appliances, or other devices monitored by us and our account information, mode, schedule, automation settings, and device settings for us to personalize your products.

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We hold full control of our site and "Security POLICY" any changes in these will may or may not get conveyed to the users. We receive this type of information from your devices which are monitored by us and your computer and other type’s electronic device through which you may access, browse, download, receive, and we may also receive and process such information from third parties.