Guaranteed methods to fix Garmin device not working with iPhone iOS 13.

Guaranteed methods to fix Garmin device not working with iPhone iOS 13.

After you update the iPhone iOS, you would get to see a lot of new features but this also results to remove some of the apps permission. This is done to enhance the security of device. However, if you are facing issues to use Garmin device with your iPhone iOS 13 then this is the only post that you need right now. Apart from that there might be some of the garmin express application updates that you would need to download. If you don’t know he procedure hen please eep following.

So, if want to solve this issue make sure to go through this post and don’t skip any part. Let’s get started.

Fixing Garmin Device not running on iPhone iOS 13

Method 1- Bluetooth is not turned on

When you are facing issues to run Garmin device post updating the iPhone iOS 13. There might be a reason that your Bluetooth is off. There are steps that you would need to follow:

Step 1- When you get the pop-up message of “Bluetooth is turned off”, you would need to turn on your iPhone and go to the setting. Then scroll down to click the option of “connect”.

Step 2- Now tap on the turn on option of toggle Bluetooth sharing.

Step 3- Make sure that your iPhone setting and toggle must be on for always.

Step 4- Check if Garmin device get connected or not.

If this doesn’t solves your problem, here is the other method to solve this problem.

Method 2- Not getting notification on Garmin device

After you are done with garmin express application updates download process and still not getting any solution for the problem then jump to this process.

When you are not getting any smart notification on your Garmin device then there are certain steps that you would need to follow, here you go:

Step 1- Using your iPhone open the settings and select notification from the list.

Step 2- In this tab you would need to select the method of how you want the notification.

Step 3- You have the option to select “Show preview” or even “Always or when unlocked from the list”.

Step 4- Now under the section of notification style option choose Message.

Step 5- Set notification to be on for the messages.

Step 6- Make sure to unlock the show preview option and check out the alert option as well.

Step 7- You can repeat this step for any of the app listed under the section of notification on your iPhone.

Method 3- Download the garmin navigation map update

When you have followed all of the above procedures and still not getting any response from the side of Garmin. Then you need to follow these steps. Here are the steps required:

Step 1- Login to official website of, if you are not a registered member then make sure to get registered.

Step 2- Now use your credentials to login to your Garmin account.

Step 3- You will get the notification about your latest purchase. However, it will also show up the available updates and Garmin navigation map update, download it and you are ready to get started.

However, the updates are free to Install so go ahead and install them for your system. So, this post was dedicated to fix the issue related to Garmin device not working with iPhone iOS 13. Hope, it helps you to fix the problem effortlessly. If you have any query related to Garmin express application updates then don’t hesitate to connect with us.

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