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Avoid these mistakes to successfully connect Garmin express with your devices

Garmin express makes it easy to manage and update your devices time to time. All you have to do is that connect your Garmin with your PC and your device is ready to be controlled. Before you run into any solution make sure that you have got garmin express application updates for the same.

However, there are times when it fails to work the way you want or it is supposed. If you are going through any difficulties and problems while trying to manage your device with Garmin then here were are, with a handy guide to entail you about the mistakes to avoid while connecting Garmin to your devices. Let’s get started.

Mistakes to avoid while connecting Garmin with devices

1- Not cleaning or checking up Garmin device

In case, you don’t regularly check the Garmin device or clean the accesories related to it then you may come across the problem such as not powering up. If it happens with you, then make sure that the charger is not damaged or corroded. You need to clean them up. You can even try to clean them with alcohol and a cotton swab. If you don’t notice any improvement check if the power cable is damaged and chage it.

2- Not installing garmin map updater

When you don’t check up on updates section, there are chances that you don’t install related updates. Now, this is something that creates problem in detecting current location. So, you can solve it by installing latest updates and it’s updater. You can download Garmin map updater it through official Garmin Website.

3- Not checking device requirements and compatibility

When you don’t check the device compatibility and don’t install garmin express application updates from time to time. Now, this problems creates issues in many of the areas. If your Garmin pay is not working then check if the application is supported in your country and by your bank account. Apart from that if you can’t add your Garmin Pay wallet then make sure that you have a working internet connection.

Other than that, you need to make sure that the smartphone that you are using comply with the minimum device requirements. As you would need to have an Android 6.0 Marshmallow. However, the device would have to support the Google Play Store natively.

4- Not optimising your phone properly

Do you feel that your Garmin device’s battery gets drained quickly? Have you optimised your device properly? If not, then it would create this problem where you notice quick battery drain problem. What you have to do?

If you don’t use GPS regularly then visit the settings section then sensors and then GPS. Now turn off the options that you don’t use.

Notifications are also responsible for quick battery drainage. So make sure sure you have optimised the list of apps that can send notifications.

Other than this, you would need to adjust the brightness, time period of timeout screen, gestures and many other features related to the display.

5- Not checking if the pairing mode is on

Using a Garmin gets irritating when you don’t get the synced items on your connected devices. However, if you don’t check the pairing mode then it can create this type of problem. So you just need to make sure that you have garmin express application updates with Garmin connect.

Then simply head on to check if Bluetooth is active on your phone.

Check if the other device is in pairing mode. If it’s not, then go to Garmin device’s setting then Bluetooth and choose Pair mobile device. Now make sure to switch off and on your device.

So, these were some mistakes that you need to avoid while connecting your Garmin device.

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